Extended Reading :

1. Collaborative Filtering in Recommendation Systems

2. Artwork Personalization at Netflix (Dec 7, 2017 / Netflix Technology Blog)

3.[資料探勘]淺談協同過濾  (Collaborative Filtering) 

4.自然語言處理」(NLP)是什麼 (中研院科普媒體:研之有物)

Advanced Reading :

1. Transferring User Interests Across Websites with Unstructured Text for Cold-Start Recommendation/Yu-Yang Huang and Shou-De Lin (2016) EMNLP

2. Predicting User’s Online Shopping Tendency During Shopping Holidays/ Hung-Hsuan Chen (2017) TAAI

3. Efficient Keyword-Aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation / Wen-Chih Peng (2017) IEEE



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