Extended Reading :

1. 人臉辨識的技術環節

2. Python x 網路爬蟲

3. 斷開中文的鎖鍊!自然語言處理 (NLP)(中研院科普媒體:研之有物)

4. Google 翻譯原理大揭秘!兩張圖就搞懂 Google 翻譯為何不會搞混字義?

5. Robot Analysts Outwit Humans on Investment Picks, Study Shows.

Advanced Reading :

1. When is a Liability not a Liability? /Tim Loughran and Bill McDonald (2011) Journal of Finance

2. On the risk prediction and analysis of soft information in finance reports/ Tsai, M. F., & Wang, C. J. (2017) European Journal of Operational Research



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